FAI Spring Days 2021 – Masseria Murgia Albanese


FAI Spring Days 2021: 15 & 16 May

on the occasion of the FAI Spring Days, the FAI Trulli and Caves Groups will take you to discover the historic Masseria Murgia Albanese, exceptionally open to the public!

The visit will include the central body of the Masseria, the adjoining church and the fragneto where it will be possible to admire a rare example of a seventeenth-century masonry apiary.

❗ Only those who have booked on the FAI portal will be able to access the visits 👉

The Days were made possible thanks to the tireless work carried out by the Volunteers of the Group, by the teachers who collaborated for the formation of the Ciceroni and by the many who collaborated with civic and cultural passion and also with a lot of courage with the aim of transmitting to the community a message of positivity.

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