Masseria Murgia Albanese organizes the Typical Cooking Lessons courses.

And possible to book manuals lessons:

  • Fresh pasta (orecchiette and cavatelli)
  • Cakes of almond and traditional local pasta
  • Liqueurs and Rosoli (limoncello, the elixir of life, milk liquor, etc.)
  • of farm cheese: Caciotta and ricottaThe classes have a duration of about 2 hours.For information contact us at 0804975676 * 3472298907 or send us an email to

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Services on request

Masseria Murgia Albanese offers some services on request. In fact, if you can rent bicycles for IRQs the beauty of the surrounding countryside. Not only that, you can, on request, to make pleasant excursions by carriage or towing, or treat yourself to a relaxing horse rides.

Masseria Murgia Albanese is immersed in the most suggestive Murgia, the ideal place for those who may want to enjoy a little ‘relaxation and enjoy the pleasant contact with nature. In our farm you will be immersed in the peace and perfumes that only the country can offer.